​Our Live Edutainment Packages are led by Entertainment Professionals, committed to providing opportunities for people of;

all ages, backgrounds and abilities to engage in fun, meaningful learning experiences through integrated arts activities.

Emma's Dilemma

Emma Dilemma uses circus to demonstrate healthly choices and fundamental movements

Laugh and learn together, with this 45-minute incursion for pre-school and play groups. Emma Dilemma is a colourful  creative character who is guaranteed to keep children entertained with her 45-minute interactive circus show and workshop. Emma uses circus equipment to demonstrate fundamental movements, discuss healthy eating and have a great time learning new tricks.

Mz Mally Moos Music for Minis

Mz Mally Moo leads musical play for preschoolers and their care givers

Mz Mally Moo is a rockstar to two and three year olds. In a fun relaxed environment, she helps lead musical play for preschoolers and their care givers. She sings old and new tunes, fun and informative songs, encouraging everyone to join in. Music is stimulating, educational, expressive and healing. With over a decade of experience Mz Mally Moo knows how to teach children while they think they’re just having fun. 

Multilingual Story and Rhyme Time

Lilli shares a range of stories and songs to engage all

Lillian Rodrigues-Pang is a Performer and Bilingual Storyteller in community. She tells and share stories with people of all ages, all backgrounds, all abilities and is dedicated to the truth that sharing, listening and telling stories makes community. Projects over the past 20 years include, storytelling in mental health institutions (10 years), with carers and families of those with mental health diagnosis (5 years), storytelling for goals setting for youth at risk (5 years) bilingual storytelling for creation of identity (7 years) storytelling with recently arrived refugees (10 years) storytelling for cultural identity in Aboriginal community (12 years) teaching storytelling in primary and secondary schools (15 years).

Nitro Nora's Super Circus Zone

Nitro Nora guides participants in a search for their own super circus powers

Nitro Nora's Interactive Super Circus Zone, where everyone is a part of the action. Nitro Nora demonstrates some Super Circus moves, then invites the children to join her in an obstacle course adventure in search of their own super circus powers. This session includes elements from Fundamental Movements, Belonging and Participation.

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