Kind Art Ed develops new programs to suit your individual community need, 

or choose from a range of programs which have been developed and tested.


Transition Programs

Specially designed creative arts programs to support Preschool, Primary School and High School students transition from one learning environment to another.


We also have transition programs for new parents, people wanting to work for themselves and people wanting to transition into independence.

More Information on BOUNCE


Support Program (Social Connection through the Arts)

Our support workers are all teaching artists and professionals who have access to a wide range of resources including other Kind Art Ed programs. Connect with a support worker who meets your needs both in personality and creative interests.

More Information on CONNECT


Community participation and Capacity Building Programs

Dare to play, experiment and grow. These programs are a stepping stone to bigger and better things in your creative healthy world. Let us support you on a path of your choosing. Age and Ability will not limit you here, as we have the team and resources to support you on your journey.

More Information on DARE


Professional and Personal Development Programs

Kind Art Ed is committed to its community of staff and participants, so we offer regular creative learning opportunities to build capacity.


More information on GROW


Festivals and Events Program

We love to play! Art, Circus, Dance, Drama, Music and Storytelling are our tools, and we love to share the joy of these with our wider community.


We spread the joy and love of creative arts to anyone who wants it as we specialise in working with all Ages, Abilities and Cultures.



More Information on PLAY


Cultural Development Program (Events and Workshops)

Experience the benefit of engaging with a diverse and experienced team who work from a place of kindness.


We truly care about the individuals involved in your event and work alongside them to create, produce and deliver quality cultural events and workshops for the community they are dedicated to.


More Information on SHARE

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