Our People

Kind Art Ed is dedicated to supporting artists to create learning opportunities in the community.

Honora Jenkins

By creating opportunities through her networks she hopes to inspire people to become more active and positive members of their communities.


Through Kind Art Ed she will have the resources to offer important life changing workshops, programs and projects to those who need and want them most.

Lillian Rodrigues-Pang

A bilingual storyteller, Lilli tells and shares stories with people of all ages, all backgrounds, all abilities. 

She is dedicated to the truth that sharing, listening and telling stories make a community.

Belinda Brooks

Creative Consultant and Facilitator

Belinda holds space for people to explore their edges and increase their ability to cope during crises and the capacity to handle stress and problems. 

With a diverse background Belinda brings incredible experience and facilitation skills to her programs. Belinda has worked and trained in Communication, Community Services, Singing, Art, and Theatre.

Sandy Vissers

Chief Financial Everything

Sandy looks after all things accounting for the Kind Art Ed team. She helps us to understand and improve on our financial results to help us better achieve our community focused goals.

Jessy Petrovich

Operations and Organiser Extraordinaire

Jess is our organiser extraordinaire, she helps our creative minded team to get and stay organised. Jess' incredible talent for understanding our creative minds helps us to create processes and procedures to help Kind Art Ed grow and thrive. 

Amanda Henderson

Marketing Geek

Amanda is the marketing geek behind the Kind Art Ed website, newsletter and social media. Amanda loves working with our creative minds to express what makes each of us unique and special. 

Justine Giltrow

Creative Restorator

Justine is passionate about Re-purposing and giving old furniture new life. Making a house a home. Teaching and learning creative things. She loves screen printing, up-cycling and sharing experiences while completing creative activities

Justine is lead facilitator in our "You and Your Space" program.

Gabrielle Journey Jones

Gabrielle is wholeheartedly inspired by and contributes to creative communities which celebrate diversity, activism, inclusion, kindness, and compassion. 


Gabrielle encourages everyone she meets to speak their own medicine – to share the stories of their life journey in whatever forms feel safe, healing, authentic and most useful to them. 

Lara Seresin

Art Therapist

Lara is great at being with people in a quietness and stillness that is unique. She uses grounding, stillness and respect as tools and appreciates the gentleness and subtleness of art therapy

Emma Khourey

Emma has taught pre-school circus for Circus Monoxide and run circus drop zones for Laughterhouse Entertainment at Kiama Kiss Arts Festival. ​Emma Khourey aka 'Tina Green' is a wonderful and charming Street Theatre and Circus entertainer.

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