Past Projects

Transition to High School Program

Are your year six students ready for the challenges of High School?

Using circus and creative play as our tools we have designed a strength based program to help prepare students to transition into High School smoothly. A person centred approach within small groups, ensures that we meet the individual needs of each participant and support them prepare for this exciting and challenging journey. 

Transition to School Playgroup

IMS HUBS - Wollongong and Wollongong West Public School

Kind Art Ed was contracted to provide the creation and facilitation of a Transition to School Playgroup using music as a tool to engage and connect with families from diverse backgrounds. Illawarra Multicultural Services manage a HUBs program connecting New Australians, Refugees and Multilingual Families with young children to local schools.

This Refugee Wek event was respectfully managed by Lillian Rodrigues Pang

Story Gifting is a program created by Lillian Rodrigues Pang

Lilli Rodrigues-Pang and Honora Jenkins facilitate a workshop where unique story gifts are created for participants to keep or gift to someone familiar or unfamiliar. In pairs or groups (strangers, family members, couples or friends) do a deep listening session together and then create a spontaneous story about their connection. The stories will be told to each other, and then written and given away as a gift.

Fireflies at Surry Hills Library 2018

"Fireflies" is a partnership between SCARF and Storylines. Proudly supported by Sydney City Libraries, Red Room Poetry, and Kind Art Ed.

"Fireflies", Multilingual Story and Rhyme Time for preschoolers, delivers well know and original stories and rhymes, presented by a small group of local  Emerging Australian  Community members based in the Wollongong Local Government Area.

Bumeh from the Fireflies presented FREE Rhyme time sessions at Surry Hills Library in June, July of 2018 for Children 0 - 2 and their families.

Stitching Stories 2018

Stitching Stories, Refugee Women Fashion Show

On Fri. 14 December 2018 at Wollongong Town Hall a group of young women showcased garments that were sewn and fabricated by a group of 15 refugee women from diverse cultural backgrounds, have been working together learning new skills under the guidance of Gina Barjeel.

Kind Art Ed enjoyed supporting this group by coordinating the event for Illawarra Multicultural Services.

A mental health month event

Share the Journey - come to join in the picnic, entertainment, and activities. All welcome.

Holistic Circus Therapy Training 2018

Holistic Circus Therapy founder Jill Maglio presented her workshop

Holistic Circus Therapy offers training in its unique and pioneering method through a variety of intensive workshops and seminars that provide the applicable knowledge and tangible tools needed to incorporate accessible circus activities into educational, recreational, and therapeutic settings. 

Jill Maglio is the founder of Holistic Circus Therapy, a registered and accredited private practice that combines Occupational Therapy with circus arts to address the unique health and well-being needs of individuals and communities.

A celebration involving fun, food, entertainment, art, joy, inclusiveness, diversity, and COMMUNITY 💙

The festival is a free event and will still involve all we do on our Community Lunch day including bingo, Young Beans Cafe and definitely food!

With a focus on regional artist development, Short+Sweet will look at providing a pathway for regional emerging artists to have their work seen by the wider theatre community, as well as contribute to the region’s diversity in its performing arts community.

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